High quality nutritional supplements contain micronutrients without harmful additives”


What do high-quality nutritional supplements have to offer?

Our principle: “A good product must be able to deliver effective nutrient contents, satisfy our needs and at the same time is ecological.”

In developing high quality nutritional supplments, choosing raw ingredients for  their purity, place of origin  and bio-availabilty factors are highly considered and plays significantly crucial role.

We focus on producing and distributing various nutritional supplements at the highest possible level.

RepaVital determines the needs of the customers, by working in cooperation with experienced and recognized doctors of naturopathy, the choice and bioavailability of raw ingedient plays an essential role here.

The knowledge of which nutritional supplement is required and to fulfill that need in practice is the success of our company.

Through the constant exchange of experience and contact with therapists, we feel the pulse of your health requirements.

We are also focused and concerned, that after the supplements have been used up, the packaging should remain as a valuable material without affecting the mother earth.

High quality nutritional supplements – the development

The development of the supplements preparations is based on the experience of RepaVital in cooperation with doctors, pharmacists and food chemists and their specialist knowledge. Bioavailability and the synergy of the individual ingredient plays an important role.

Read more about the RepaVital company philosophy here.

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Renate Sauer Pharmareferentin

Renate Sauer 
Pharmaceutical consultant

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