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Hochwertige Nahrungsergänzungsmittel

Our principle: “ Our principle: “A good product must be able to deliver effective nutrient contents, satisfy our needs and at the same time is ecological.”

“As much nutrient content as possible and as little packaging as necessary.

A high quality nutritional supplement provides micronutrients without harmful additives. ”


When choosing raw materials for supplements, their purity and place of origin is highly considered. It plays a very essential role in developing high-quality nutritional supplements.

After the contents have been used up, the packaging material should remain in the recycling cycle.

We focus on formulating and distributing various nutritional supplements at the highest possible level.


High quality nutritional supplements – the development

In cooperation with experienced and recognized doctors for naturopathy, we determine the needs of our customers. The choice of raw material plays an important role here.

Through the constant exchange of experience and contact with therapists, we feel the pulse of your health requirements.

The knowledge of which nutritional supplement is required and to fulfill that need in practice is the success of our company.

As written by Hermann Hesse, “there is a magic in every beginning”. This is how the planning of a new product begins. If Hermann Hesse had been the manufacturer of nutritional supplements,
the development of formulations could not have been better described.


Of course, the RepaVital products are designed so that …

>> Vegetarians

>> Vegans

>> People with allergies / intolerances (lactose, gluten, yeast, fructose, gelatin, …)

The high-quality food supplement from RepaVital is free from preservatives (according to the law) or, for example, titanium dioxide.


Hochwertige Nahrungsergänzungsmittel enthalten Mikronährstoffe ohne schädliche Zusatzstoffe

High quality nutritional supplement development with doctor, pharmacist and food chemist

Our experience and the specialist knowledge of cooperating pharmacists and food chemists create the basis for the necessary steps.

Bioavailability and the synergy of the ingredients play an extremely important role and stand for high-quality nutritional supplements.

Questions regarding the quantity ratio, the tolerance or the stability of the ingredients are discussed.

After successful planning, the recipe is ready.


RepaVital – who we are

For 17 years, I have been responsible for the field of naturopathy as a certified MTA in the field for 17 years.

The interest in biological healing methods grew steadily over the years.

It quickly became clear that only high-quality substances, whether as medicinal or food, make sense.

In keeping with this principle, I initially placed an order for pharmaceutical companies.

Due to the experience gained over the years, the decision came as an independent cooperation partner with pharmaceutical companies to work. Due to the numerous contacts with therapists,
it was confirmed to me that a healthy level of exercise, good food and high-quality nutritional supplements can make a decisive contribution to the quality of life.

With the foundation of RepaVital GmbH and with competent team of employees, the foundation was created for the production of high-quality nutritional supplements.


Do you have any questions about the development of RepaVital food supplements or do you have any questions about any of our products?

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Your Renate Sauer and the RepaVital team

Renate Sauer Pharmareferentin