Naturally regulate hormones

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Naturally regulate hormones

PMS, menopausal symptoms, sexual aversion and childlessness – varied are the symptoms of a disturbed hormone balance. But not only the classic women’s complaints are hormonal, but also diabetes, thyroid disorders, migraines, acne and depression, because hormones are involved in all processes in the body. The book describes which hormone factories our body has, how many different hormones there are and shows what women themselves can do for their hormonal fitness.

Due to the synthetic hormones that have come into disrepute, women are looking for natural alternatives. The author has developed a unique naturopathic concept to restore hormone levels back into balance: a combination of bioidentical hormones, homeopathic and herbal remedies, nutritional recommendations and reflexology. In the last part of the book the hormonal diseases from A to Z and their therapy are described.