IntraCell pur

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Wherever acid-base regulation is desirable, IntraCell finds its place.


Signs of hyperacidity and the consequences:

Tiredness, reduced performance, muscle and joint pain – all of these can be signs of increasing hyperacidity.
Stress and hectic pace, heavy physical exertion (e.g. in sports), smoking or a low-alkaline diet (few fruit and vegetables) reduce the body’s mineral stores.
The healthy acid-base balance is out of balance.


IntraCell pur consists of minerals bound to citrates and the trace element zinc.
IntraCell replenishes the mineral stores in the cells, because citrate-bound minerals can be absorbed more easily into the cell.
The body’s ability to regulate pH contributes to health.


As a duo for effective regulation of the acid-base balance, IntraCell pur is ideal in combination with Extracell.

A deacidification treatment with ExtraCell and IntraCell can make sense if…

>> you feel stressed and exhausted,
>> the nervous and physical resilience decreases,
>> you suffer from muscle pain, cramps or joint problems,
>> recurring infections put a strain on the immune system,
>> the mineral deficiency leads to hair breakage and hair loss, brittle nails or skin changes,
>> you want to support and accompany a diet in a meaningful way.


Deacidification treatment with pure IntraCell and ExtraCell
Preparation phase:
Take Extracell 3 x 2 tablets after a meal for 1 week

Treatment phase from the 2nd week (3 to 5 weeks):
Dose: 4x 1 tablet alternating daily with 3x 1 tablet Extracell.


Consume 2×2 tablets daily with plenty of liquids.

 Intracell pur  Ingredients

4 Tablets contain

% NRV*

Calcium citrate

584,12 mg


Magnesium citrate

464,3 mg


of which Magnesium

65 mg


Potassium citrate

277,78 mg


of which Potassium

100 mg


Zinc citrate

6,4 mg


of which Zinc

1,98 mg


* % of nutrient reference values in accordance with EU regulation 1169/2011.

Ingredients: Tri-calcium citrate, Tri-magnesium citrate, Cellulose, Tri-potassium citrate monohydrate, Zinc citrate-3-hydrate.

Vegan, lactose-free, fructose-free, yeast-free, gluten-free. According to the law without preservatives. Without genetic technology and coloring agents


  • The specified daily consumption must not be exceeded.
  • Dietary supplements should not be used as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet.
  • If dessicants (dry bags) are present,it is not suitable for consumption.
  • Please store this product in a cool and dry place.
  • Please store out of the reach of small children.