Versapers Titanium 3G

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Versapers 3G

  • in a cardboard box with cleaning brushes
  • the collecting containers are free of bisophenol A
  • second sieve for soft pressed material included
  • Press screw made of medical plastic
  • Juice book
  • 10-year guarantee on the geared motor


For a smoothie, the entire fruit is chopped up with a blender and drunk.

On the other hand raw juices are pressed. The advantage lies in the breakdown of the ingredients. Juices are seldomlly chewed. Therefore, the enzymes for digestion in the mouth cannot work as  well as during chewing process. The separation of juice and pomace the fibre content is reduced. Valuable secondary plant substances, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and enzymes remain in the juice. Since raw juices have less fibre content, they do not need to be chewed.

The pioneers of raw juice production were the physician Dr. Gerson and Mr. N. Walker.

Dr. Gerson developed the “Gerson Method”. There is also a book about this therapy called “The Gerson Therapy”


So that the fruit can be pressed out gently, the pressing process should be very slow.

This is especially important for enzymes and their activity. Enzymes are very sensitive and can be destroyed when juicing quickly.

If you combine herbs with fruit or vegetables it is advisable to put the herbs into the juicer first. Afterwards, the press good becomes what delivers more juice given in the Versapers. The precious ethereal ingredients of the herbs are completely washed into the raw juice.

A raw juice should always taste delicious and be healthy!

There are almost no limits to creativity. Depending on the season, you can make your own tasty juices to your own taste (without added sugar).

Juices taste best when they are consumed fresh.

If you need instructions, please order our book on juice production.

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