Magnesium 7: 60 Tablets

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Magnesium 7 is your relaxing turbo in everyday life and sport to prevent magnesium deficiency.

Magnesium for calf cramps!
Many know and appreciate the muscle-relaxing effects of this mineral.
But magnesium can do a lot more!


Magnesium deficiency – which organs / systems can be affected?
In addition to the muscles in the arms and legs, the heart, abdominal organs and bronchi also benefit from an adequate supply of magnesium.
This allows these organs / systems to work effectively and yet relaxed.

Bones and teeth also need this mineral, because magnesium supports the development of these hard body structures.

Magnesium acts like a protective shield for the heart and blood vessels.
It relaxes and dilates all blood vessels, thereby improving blood circulation and oxygen supply to the heart and body.
In time of stress, it calms the heart and optimizes its work performance.
This balancing effect is also evident in the nervous system.
Magnesium has a harmonizing effect and reduces nervousness and over-excitability.
In addition, magnesium is an essential component of our energy metabolism and hormone balance.

Interesting for diabetics: Magnesium is involved in the release of insulin.

Magnesium acts like a relaxing turbo that calms us down and makes us powerful at the same time.
Only when we feel mentally and physically more balanced can the body use all of its energy in a positive way.
Tensions cost strength and block the flow of energy.
Magnesium dissolves and releases the accumulated energy.

Magnesium deficiency is often underestimated
Along with potassium, sodium and calcium, magnesium is one of the minerals and must be taken in through food.
Magnesium is very important for our body, which is why it stores it as a reserve primarily in the bones and teeth.
But magnesium is also stored in the liver and muscles.
If the need for magnesium is high and the supplies are too low, deficiency symptoms quickly occur.


Indications of a magnesium deficiency can be:

>> Muscle cramps, muscle tremors, or twitching around the eyes
>> General muscle tension
>> Headaches and migraines
>> Increased abdominal cramps or constipation
>> Nervousness, restlessness and low resilience, sensitivity to noise
>> Depressive moods or exhaustion
>> Insomnia and lack of concentration
>> Heart rhythm disorders, high blood pressure
>> Circulatory disorders and an increased risk of arteriosclerosis
>> Metabolic disorders (increased blood lipids and cholesterol, increased risk of diabetes).


Who should pay particular attention to an adequate supply of magnesium?
Since the relaxing Turbo Magnesium is quickly used up during exertion, an adequate supply is so important.
This is not always possible through food.
Anyone who finds themselves in one or the other deficiency symptom is certainly doing something good for themselves with a magnesium replenishment cure.
In addition, you should pay particular attention to your personal magnesium status:


>> has to cope with particularly stressful and stressful times,
>> suffers from chronic digestive problems because less magnesium can be absorbed (for the regulation of digestive problems see RepaHepar and Darm 5)
>> suffers from type 1 or type 2 diabetes,
>> sweat a lot (e.g. during sport), as magnesium is lost through sweat,
>> consumes a lot of calcium, since calcium is the natural antagonist of magnesium,
>> Magnesium can prevent complications during pregnancy and breastfeeding,
>> likes to drink alcohol,
>> suffers from spastic respiratory diseases (e.g. bronchial asthma),
>> takes certain medications regularly (e.g. cortisone, laxatives)


Attention in case of magnesium deficiency: Not all magnesium is the same!
There are individual differences in absorption and utilization.
Also, different biochemical forms of magnesium each cover their own main tasks.
Therefore RepaVital offers with Magnesium 7 a broad spectrum of 7 different magnesium compounds for optimal bioavailability, tolerance and effect.


Click here for the magnesium information portal.

A typical combination product of Magnesium 7 is Vitamin D3 K2Mk7 .




Daily intake 2 capsules contain magnesium 251mg – of which:

Magnesium 251mg of which magnesium bisglycinate 48mg, magnesium malate 70mg, magnesium salts of
orthoposhoric acid 70mg, magnesium salts of citric acid 50mg, magnesium gluconate 5.3mg
magnesium lactate 4.6mg, magnesium L-ascorbate 3.1mg, vitamin C 28.1mg

Free from yeast, fructose, lactose, gelatine. Gluten-free. According to law free of preservatives

Consume 2 capsules daily with adequate fluids.


  • The specified daily consumption must not be exceeded.
  • Dietary supplements should not be used as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet.
  • If dessicants (dry bags) are present,it is not suitable for consumption.
  • Please store this product in a cool and dry place.
  • Please store out of the reach of small children.


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